I've just opened a GitHub account in readiness for submitting my code for the Psets I've completed so far.

As required, I went to the CS50.me link and authorized CS50.me.

This sent me to GitHub, where it warned me that CS50.me would have access to my email address (presumably since it has access to my account).

Immediately afterwards

(i) My mail accounts on my Mac and iPhone went offline;

(ii) I re-entered my passwords; and then

(iii) I got an email from Gmail (which hosts my email domain) to tell me that they had blocked someone from signing into my account (hosted by Gmail) from a "less secure app"

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, do I need to do anything about it?



Well, no answers to this, but since it's been up for 24 days, I'm going to assume that no-one has anything to say.

I'm going to mark it as answered just to clear up the forum and not have too many open questions.

Thanks anyway for looking!

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