while trying to work on pset7, I wondered what the logic flow is. Meaning, you have to send people to index.html after you log them in. But it is not until later that the sequence of working on index.html comes up. Do we send them there and just put in a placeholder statement like display the rows of cash until buy is completed? I wondered what others have done to get by this step. thanks

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You can do the problem in any order you want, but I found the order it was presented in was fairly logical. First you have to register, otherwise you can't use the site. At that point, you can't display anything on the index page, because the table doesn't exist yet to store share holdings. So you have to buy first, and before you buy, you have to obtain quotes. After that, you can sell and view the history.

In the time between building register and building index, I found phpsiteadmin very useful!

If you feel you need to put a placeholder in, there's nothing to stop you and if it helps you with the problem, do it.

  • Thanks. I just felt that we needed index.html as soon as you register in order to display the table with the initial cash? But I think I sorted out my issue after posting this..
    – cfdphd
    Mar 10, 2017 at 21:46

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