I just wonder if this hash function is correct? I was thinking that the index cannot be above 26 as it would look for memory outside the array, and would probably cause a segmentation fault. Therefore i added %26. But im not sure if my hash function is correct. Any thoughts?

int hash(const char *word)
     int hash_key = (word[0] - 'a') % 26;
     return hash_key;

Later i make a call for the hash function:

int index = hash(new_node-> word);

Almost got it. What happens if the first letter (common in the text being checked) is upper case?

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  • Ah, so if I add the tolower function it migh do the work? Like this: int hash_key = tolower(word[0] - 'a') % 26; Thanks for your reply!
    – L.D
    Mar 16 '17 at 14:09

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