I am having problems getting a grasp on python and the code, that is given to us. I have been trying to understand what each method, function, class does, but the explenations I find contain more new concepts, that I don't understand. I have spent atleast 10 hours examining the code and gotten nowhere.

So my questions are:

  • Am I supposed to understand everything in the code (like what @app.route("/") does, what's the difference between raise Something() and raise Something() from and why do some functions have the double underscore?
  • If I am expected to understand it all, then could somebody point out, where to find info about it in laymain's terms?

Currently I'm stuck, and have no idea what I should do to complete pset6.


I've just done pset6 and I got stuck a couple of times and was helped here but I got there in the end... I know they say you have to read and understand everything, but really if you have a general overview of how it might work I think you just need to dive in and start...pretty much all you need to do that is in the lecture and the walkthrough, and the very first task (making 'init' work) is not too hard and doesn't take very much code. I found once I started working through it I began to understand it better. And googling very specific questions or checking the documentation for flask really helps with the other stuff - like the @app.route("/"): http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/0.12/quickstart/. And the double underscores, see: https://shahriar.svbtle.com/underscores-in-python etc... And then if you get stuck on something you can post your code here (like I do a lot!) Good Luck!! :-)

  • Thanks! Probably needed a motivation boost. :D Also, I am having issues with the nltk module. The python interpreter says that there is no nltk module. Any solution?
    – Robert
    Mar 19 '17 at 18:30
  • You're welcome - I've had my sanity saved a couple of times here for sure! It's such an intense course it's hard to stay motivated when it's not working! That's not a problem I've had but the best thing I'd say is to google the exact error msg - that's how I usually get the best answers...
    – CallyB
    Mar 19 '17 at 18:34

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