I'm almost done with pset8. Just cant find any documentation that would help me in implementing postal code search in addition to place and admin_name1 search. db.execute returns a string and so clearly i need to figure out something different for postal code. I tried int() to get the digits and to check with isdigit() but i still dont get a positive set of places in search. So any help would be really welcome. So close to finishing it, and I can get on with the project if I can just clean up this minor detail. Thanks in advance

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Conventional wisdom says that places.postal_code should be a TEXT column in the database. It eliminates all those pesky conversions. It preserves leading 0's in US postal codes, and it is more globalised (eg a sample Canadian postal_code is "M3C 0C1"). The best part: the search section of the spec has all the documentation you need to implement it.

  • Yeah! I just got it done and am looking for inspiration for the final project lol. thank you so much for all the help throughout though Commented Mar 24, 2017 at 3:53

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