Everything else seems to be working for the index and sell routes, but there's still a problem. My Portfolio isn't showing any Netflix shares' info even though the database still shows that I have 1 share of Netflix's stocks. The "CASH" and "TOTAL" values are correct and the "grand total" value also seems correct, but the Portfolio only shows Facebook's shares even though I also one share of Netflix's shares. Here's the sell code: pastebin.com/ei7qD5cE. And here's the index code: pastebin.com/Gw64H1ky.

I'll also give links for buy, as well as the templates for the routes just mentioned. buy route link: http://pastebin.com/yT1TKV0s.

index template: http://pastebin.com/macgJ9AE. sell template: http://pastebin.com/diNe7LkP. buy template: http://pastebin.com/a5T67frU.

Edit for update: I have shares of more than one stock, but only one shows up on my Portfolio on the website itself. I have one share of that other stock on there, but when I try to sell it, I get that Apology page saying that I don't have enough shares of that stock for that. The Pastebin links are updated, I think (I keep updating the same links).

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The shares were already taken away and the row was deleted. It was from when my "sell" code was incorrect in a way that the shares were being set to 0 no matter what.

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