Well, the instructions said to try & break your db to test it but I really did....I stupidly emptied all of my tables because I'd just finished the code and wanted to put in fresh entries now it was working fine because I had entries from before I'd debugged the program and now it's totally broken - I must have been logged in as someone when I deleted all the entries and now it's asking for a password to log in to phpliteadmin so I can't access the db. I can't just put the password in because there are no passwords in the db now and when I try to access any of the html pages I just get 'ide50-callybee.cs50.io redirected you too many times.' I deleted my cookies as a google search suggested and it doesn't help.

I'm not sure why it's doing this because the code for the login page has 'session.clear()' as the first line so surely it should just let you log in as someone else but it's not working. I kept a hard copy of the table formats that is pretty much up to date so I just recreated the db and copied all the files into a new directory and it still doesn't work - I still get the same error msg so now I'm totally stuck - and it seems it mustn't be the fact I was logged in that caused the problem. Yesterday the whole thing was working fine and today I can't even get an html page to display....This is over a week of hard work and I can't get any of it to work - please can someone help?

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Wow, I solved it!! I realised that I'd put 'if request.method == "POST":' at the top of register and login, and forgotten to add the line 'if request.method == "GET":', so when I tried to access those pages from outside it redirected from 'login' to 'register' and then back again etc etc... Once I added the GET line (to just render the template of the page I was on) it worked again fine...I hope this helps someone else one day!!!

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