question on Week 10's lecture at 1:10:49 or so where he runs ajax0.html, correct? Then he goes into his webpage and types in his IP address with :8080/quote?symbol=NFLX and it pops out that script that he gets at 1:10:52? I could not duplicate that so I am missing something. Is it as I described here or was something else going on that I missed?

  • The downloads contained in week_10 source lack flask auto. Jul 22, 2017 at 14:34

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You'll need to run it from Flask. Unfortunately, the downloads contained in week_10 source files lack AutoIndex, which you'll discover if you try to run Flask, so you have to install it. From the ~workspace prompt: sudo pip3 install Flask-AutoIndex

Then run Flask as you did in Finance, and view the web server. The HTML files in src10 will be there, and you can run them as Prof Malan does. The "quote' formatting function, by the way, is found in application.py.

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