I'm trying to work on pset7 on my linux machine (I don't have the best internet connection and this results in cloud9 being slow and occasionally buggy). I've gotten almost everything installed and working (flask, cs50 python library, etc.), but I can't figure out how to set up phpliteadmin on my computer. Any help would be appreciated :) thanks!

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Sounds hard. I think you'd have to set up a web server for starters. You can have a look at the phpliteadmin script the next time you're on the IDE, it's in /opt/cs50/bin (or maybe you can just use that script?). If you are the firefox type, there's a great plugin called SQLite Manager. (Hint: use "Customize" to add the icon to your toolbar so you can find it again). Perhaps there is something similar for Chrome et. al. If you search around, you're bound to find lots of interesting options.

  • Awesome! I got SQLite Manager and I'm loving it; think I might use it instead of phpliteadmin from now on. Apr 26, 2017 at 23:30

SQLite Manager has just saved my a**, LOL. Thanks French

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