Hello, everyone.

All tasks befor addMarker were done, and results are true, as I can see. I'm working on function addMarker(), and I don't really understand how it should work. I'm not very strong in JS, but try to find out how should it be.

So questions:

  1. Variabel - places. Where it comes from? As was said in the specification - place is a JavaScript object that represents a row from places - but not really clear how should create this and how its occur.
  2. Should I add all markers from database or just that what were returned from search function?

I will be very appreciated for any additional information.

Thanks in advance)))

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Observe the function signature: function addMarker(place). place is received as an argument. addMarker is called in a loop from the update function.

You only need to add a marker for the place received as an argument.


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