I was trying to get on the web server so I could see how my register.html file compares to the login.html file. When I tried to run flask, it kept giving me an error about how it didn't recognize run. I looked it up on SE to find out how to get on the web server using the 'Web Server' button and I saw this question.

I ran chmod 644 to try and get access to the images and the HTML. Then I tried to cd pset7/finance. I got this error: bash: cd: pset7/finance: Permission denied. I've tried removing pset7 and then re-downloading it (I read that from this question) but I was unable to since I was locked out of the problem set. Why am I being denied permission to open this problem set?

Thanks in advance.


To start flask, the command is flask run. 644 removes execute permission, which is needed for cd. Access control 720 should work for pset7 and finance directories.

  • Thank you so much. I was able to resolve the issue by chmod 720 pset7! Thanks again! May 10 '17 at 20:07

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