templates: {
        suggestion: Handlebars.compile(
            "<div>" + 
            "{{place_name}}, {{admin_name1}}, {{postal_code}}" + 

In my search function if I have the q value in brackets return jsonify([q]) the search box suggests only ",,". But if I remove the brackets return jsonify(q)the search box works perfectly. Why is that, and how should I edit the configure function if I wanted to use return jsonify([q])?


According to the spec [emphasis added]:

Complete the implementation of /search in such a way that it outputs a JSON array of objects, each of which represents a row from places that somehow matches the value of q, as in the staff solution below.

If you return jsonify([q]) it is returning a JSON array of a JSON array of objects. You shouldn't use that. It's guaranteed to cause undue heartache as you progress through the pset.

  • How could I have looked it up that return jsonify([q]) returns a JSON of a JSON?
    – Cristian
    Jun 2 '17 at 16:12
  • Not so much look it up as learn it. In python, anything enclosed in [ ] is a list. Assuming q is the result of a db.execute(SELECT), you know that q is a list of dict objects from pset7 spec hints. So this [q] creates a nested list. Technically [ ] is a list comprehension a powerful, fun and confounding! feature of python. It's not discussed in the course, but it is something you'll definitely want to learn and use if you progress in python. Jun 2 '17 at 17:19

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