Most everything is well; presented, however the Appliance is presented mainly during the lecture where the camera focus is on Malan; the display behind him is so out of focus that many characters couldn't be identified. Even worse, the black area at the bottom was not only equally unidentifiable it was often completely covered. I need a lot of help to use the appliance; is there anywhere I can get a description of the use of the 'buttons' and the procedures to operate it properly? The following are some of the questions I'd like answered:

  1. How do you make the list that includes 'jharvard' appear in the left column next to the list in the panel on its right that includes 'Dropbox'?
  2. How do you make the 'Save' window appear near the top of the appliance?
  3. When saving a program do you use the 'save' button from 'File' on the 'save' button that appears near the right bottom of the appliance.
  4. What command do you use in front of a program name to tell it to run?
  5. What other commands like 'CD' can be used in the command area and what do they do?

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Right after you log in to cs50 on edx, there will be a panel on the right with a link to appliance instructions.


Here is the CS50 Manual, you probably find things you interested in the future. For example, the CS50 Appliance 2014 Instruction.

The things you would like to know are more related to the OS (Operating System), which is definitely out of scope for this course. However, you can find more about how to operate the Linux System by taking this course offer by Linux Fundation at Edx.org as well.

Happy Coding.

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