I'm almost done with pset 8 and am currently working on the last of my three custom features.

I've chosen the option of adding a logo next to the passenger on the shuttle according to their destination house. I've added a folder to the existing /img folder and inserted some custom logos. For some reason my browser cannot open the images and leaves the following console message (serveraddress being my IP):

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) serveraddress/img/Adams.jpg

I can load the image if I type in the file location in the browser but for some reason the google API still responds with a 404. I've tried chmod-ing the image (with 644 and 711) but due to the results I cannot say if it worked.


Ok, solved it. The answer is in the populate function where the url variable is stored, a few lines lower should show you an example as to how to implement an image.

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