I am requested to enter a password for phpLiteAdmin.

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I was following steps from the lecture, intro to phpliteadmin. After I inserted a new row ("name", "dorm") into the table registrants, I got this message.

But I don't know which password to enter. Tried different passwords but unsuccessfully.

Which password should I provide?

Any help is appreciated

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To access your password, type password50 at the command line. You can also access your username via username50. Make sure you have run update50 as well in order to have the most up-to-date workspace.

  • The same keeps happening to me during a session and I have to control-c and start it again. 'password50' does not work. Strange that I can only find one complaint about it.
    – RichR
    Jul 5, 2017 at 13:19

I had the same issue. It turns out the password is being generated every time phpliteadmin is run.

Check out the random string after https://......./?pin=

That Number is the password to phpliteadmin and a new one is generated with every restart.

In my case, it is 54Fz35pZHPyi5Cb

Where is the password

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