Here is my code so far in its entirety:

import cs50

def main():

I immediately had an error (red dot with x next to def main):

unexpected EOF while parsing

I like that python notifies right away when something isn't right, but I have no idea what this means or what's wrong.

EDIT: I decided to start fresh, blank slate and right at the start, "unexpected EOF while parsing". I decided to keep typing and the error went away, but then I made another error which I fixed only the error didn't go away. height = get_int() (my "fixed" code)

Further EDIT: That second error was, in fact, a syntax error due to misunderstanding the walkthrough.

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I found out that in python, need to include library like this:

cs50.GetInt or cs50.get_int()

rather than


a fairly simple syntax error.

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