I am taking cs50x via edX. It says in the FAQ that those who finish early will get a certificate issued on Sept 3rd but I did not see anything happen there.

Where can I find the edX certificate once it is issued?

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From the edX Student FAQ page:

How are edX certificates delivered?

EdX certificates are delivered online through edx.org. Once course grades are finalized, if you earned a certificate you will see it available for download on your dashboard.

Why did I not receive my certificate?

Certificates are usually delivered within two weeks of when the course closes. If you did not receive one in this time and are certain that you completed the requirements, please check your dashboard. The certificate will display with your course.

Since this session of CS50x doesn't close until December 31, 2014, the process for making a batch of certificates available three months early is probably not automated. In other words, the September 3rd date is an estimate of when the first batch will be available.

If all of your problem sets and final project are submitted and graded in the Gradebook, you might want to watch Facebook and reddit for any announcements about the first batch of certificates being issued. Once they are issued, if yours has been issued, you will find it on your edX dashboard.


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