I'm currently trying to check speller from Week 5, but every time I call it it seems to be acting as if I called submit50. I've tried the standard restarts and cookie clears, but the problem seems to be serverside. Any help please?


check50 will submit your files to a sandbox server, where they are put in a test suite. They should not appear on your cs50.me submissions list.

There are a few benefits to that. First, the tests can be managed on a central server, while the boxes might have slightly different versions, and the test cases can remain hidden (so less ways to tailor your app to the test cases). Also, that server can provide you with a link to a slightly more verbose version of the check50 output (like this one), that you can access from anywhere or show here or in chat (some of the outputs are very specific to certain mistakes in code).

  • Ah ok. I freaked out a bit when I saw that. Thanks!
    – Coby Z
    Aug 13 '17 at 1:56

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