pset7 is making me crazy. I have huge problems just from the beginning. Register is working, quote is working but Here is another problem in buy:

Buy is writing data to history, reducing cash in users, but when I try to write data to user portfolio i receive this:

sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError) near ",": syntax error [SQL: "SELECT * FROM portfolio WHERE user_id= 16, symbol= 'aapl'"]

I don't know what is near ",". Mayby is another stupid mistake like missing letter or something (i'm making a lot of them...).

Here is my buy code:

@app.route("/buy", methods=["GET", "POST"])
def buy():
"""Buy shares of stock."""

if request.method == "POST":

    if not request.form.get("search"):
        return apology("must provide sumbol")

    if not request.form.get("number"):
        return apology("must provide number of shares to buy")

    if float(request.form.get("number")) <= 0:
        return apology("number of shares to buy must be a possitive number")

    quote = lookup(request.form.get("search"))

    if not quote:
        return apology("must provide existing company symbol")

    cash = db.execute("SELECT cash FROM users WHERE id= :id", \

    if quote["price"] * float(request.form.get("number")) > cash[0]["cash"]:
        return apology("not enough cash to buy ordered number of sheres")

    price= lookup(request.form.get("search"))

    db.execute("INSERT INTO history(user_id, name, symbol, shares, price, total) VALUES(:user_id, :name, :symbol, :shares, :price, :total)", \
        user_id= session["user_id"], \
        name= price["name"], \
        symbol= request.form.get("search"), \
        shares= request.form.get("number"), \
        price= price["price"], \
        total= (float(request.form.get("number")) * float(price["price"])))

    db.execute("UPDATE users SET cash = cash - :total WHERE id= :id", \
        total= (float(request.form.get("number")) * float(price["price"])), id= session["user_id"])

    **user_portfolio= db.execute("SELECT * FROM portfolio WHERE user_id= :id, symbol= :search", \
        id= session["user_id"], \
        search= request.form.get("search"))

    if user_portfolio == None:
        db.execute("INSERT INTO portfolio(user_id, name, symbol, shares) VALUES(:user_id, :name, :symbol, :shares)", \
            user_id= session["user_id"], \
            name= price["name"], \
            symbol= request.form.get("search"), \
            shares= request.form.get("number"))
        db.execute("UPDATE portfolio SET shares=shares + :number WHERE user_id= :id, symbol= :symbol", \
            number=request.form.get("number"), \
            id=session["user_id"], \
            symbol= request.form.get("search"))

return render_template("buy.html")**

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Ok, I found mistake - after WHERE if there is few conditions there have to be an AND between them

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