I understood that making all the red going away, make the color cyan. When I put all the colors black, the message was still in red.

The message in blue cyan is not very clear but I can read it. It is the purpose of the homework ? Or do I have to continue to understand how colors work by getting the cyan darker ? If so, please how can I do it with the 0x00 ?

I tried this but still the blue cyan. if (triple.rgbtBlue == 0xff && triple.rgbtGreen == 0x00 && triple.rgbtRed == 0x00) //if pixel value is blue //change more blue { triple.rgbtBlue = 0x50; triple.rgbtRed = 0x00; triple.rgbtGreen = 0x00; }

I've seen some post still looking for red like this example : else if (triple.rgbtRed <= 0xdd && triple.rgbtRed > 0xcc) { triple.rgbtRed = 0xee; triple.rgbtBlue = 0xe0; triple.rgbtGreen = 0xbd;

So we have to play with all the 3 colors to make the blue change ? But then, the white background will be change isnt ?


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You don't have to do anything further, as the purpose of whodunit is simply to learn about file i/o and how you can manipulate bytes in a file.

You can, if you'd like, learn more about colors, etc, and try to make it darker, but it's not required.

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