I'm just working on find.c and helpers.c. My sort is not completely working yet and I'm trying to debug the program but the debugger is not working.

Is there anything special I have to do since find.c is calling helpers.c?

Right now I'm adding printf statements to see whats going on with my variables but it's really tedious!

Thanks for you help!


You are not supposed to change find.c.

Is find compiling? If so, you can debug the compiled programme like

./generate 1000 50 | debug50 ./find 127

(or any number you'd like to use). In helpers.c, using the IDE, you can set a breakpoint (click left of the line number where you want to enter the debugger's interactive mode), show variable contents, and proceed in the code line by line if you want.

I still did some printf debugging, as sometimes it is easier to dump an array than to view it in the debugger interface.

For example, I printed the content of the array before and after sorting (with a line "Before:" and "After:" above the values), and tested that for small arrays (<10 elements) to check for non-sorted parts or elements missing from the sorted version, for example from duplication of other elements.

  • Thanks for the help! Yeah I didn't change find.c I just made the sort and search functions. I don't know what I did but I think I wrote something wrong when trying to run the debugger. The way you wrote it works! I printed the array already but I want to check why it's not putting everything in order! Sep 7 '17 at 1:21

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