I'm confused about how I should be using copy in whodunit. What file should be the infile? Which one should be the outfile? How do I view the outfile? Thanks


In the Hints section of the specification:

And if you execute a command like the below, stored in verdict.bmp should be a BMP in which Mr. Boddy’s drawing is no longer covered with noise.

./whodunit clue.bmp verdict.bmp

The problem is to transform the input file clue.bmp into an output file where you can decipher the clue hidden in the original image.

The Hints section continues:

Allow us to suggest that you begin tackling this mystery by executing the command below.

cp copy.c whodunit.c

Then add and/or change just a few lines of code.

The copy.c code copies an entire image to the output file. Instead of writing the same bytes, this problem requires you to modify the bytes that are written to the output file. Viewing the output file can be done by double-clicking the file in the cs50 ide.

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