I need some help with tweets. My code works in that it prints all requested tweets from the user timeline but it does it all in yellow and i'm struggling to figure out why. Analyzer works fine with smile. Thanks in advance for your help

here is analyzer: enter image description here

and tweets: enter image description here

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The most serious error I see in the first view is on the next line:

file = open(positives, "r")

keep in mind that both positives and negatives are variables that are meant to be a (disordered) set of lines that will later be analyzed for positive or negative words, but still contains nothing, what we have to do is open the actual file on disk (like fopen in C):

file = open("positive-words.txt", "r")

The same applies for the negative-words.txt file.

  • thanks good point! I will arrange that and see what it gives Sep 9, 2017 at 7:51

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