I've found many questions about onion links showing up instead of local news, but haven't found solution for that problem. So, I have the same problem and my question is: is there solution or something I can do about it or should I submit pset8? (everything else works fine)


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I am facing a similar problem. :( Everything works fine for a while but after some time I only get articles from the Onion, and the list of articles is similar for all locations. My guess is that neither your code, nor mine is optimal as it sends too many requests (?) to the server and as a result we are marked as spammers and only get Onion news. After a few hours the spammer flag is removed and I get different articles in different locations and everything seems to work fine. Comparing the staff’s solution I noticed that their list of articles is loaded with a small lag, displaying loading icon before loading articles, while my code loads instantly, so my guess is that the problem is probably in the way it loads articles. I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it thought :(

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