When I go to save any program I've typed up, it always saves first as a directory with the name I wanted to give the program, with the program itself inside the directory with the name "Untitled", forcing me to manually rename these files as "whatever.c" So, as an example, when I save something as "hello.c" I get a directory called hello.c with an unnamed file in that directory with everything I actually typed.

Also, until I actually rename the file "whatever.c", the program doesn't seem to act like a program. There's no syntax highlighting until AFTER I rename the file as a .c.

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I managed to duplicate this. When the save dialog is opened, there is an entry box at the top for the filename and one at the bottom for the directory name. (In windows, that would be the location of a filename dialog box.) The filename box has a default file name of "untitled". If the user enters the desired filename in the directory dialog box, you get exactly what was described, a directory with the filename and a file in that directory with the name "Untitled".

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I've never seen that happen. Are you using the CS50 IDE?

If you choose File>Save, then type the filename into the Filename box, does it not save that file with that name?

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