I am on pset 7 and my quote function is throwing me a syntax error on else. Anyone can detect it? I know that an error where it is obvious mean that the lines before might be errorneous, but I can't find it:

def quote():
    if request.method == "POST":
        stock = request.form.get("stock")
        if lookup(stock) is not None:
            return apology("Stock", "not found")
            stock_info = lookup(stock)
            return render_template("quoted.html", stock = stock_info)
    """Get stock quote."""
        return render_template("quote.html")

The last else is throwing a syntax error. Thank you for anyone can help me.

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You use a string literal """Get stock quote.""" as a comment. That one, as it's on the same indentation level as the if, breaks the if block, but it's not an else keyword, so when eventually finding that else: on the next line, interpreter does not know which if this should belong to.

Move your "comment".

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