I've tried to get better re: testing not just for a successful result, but for the behavior I want for any given input. My code looks ok to me, but it's building the pyramid even when height > 23. It does break out of the loop for negative values.

I've tried to get gbd running with python, but I'm struggling with it a bit and this is so simple, I'm not sure what gdb would reveal. I know it's something stupid, but can someone explain where I went wrong? Many thanks. Code is below.

# Recreates Mario's half pyramid by getting height as intbtwn 1 and 23 from user

import cs50

# prompt user to give positive integer btwn 1 and 23
while True:
    print("Height:", end="")
    height = cs50.get_int()
    if height >= 0 or height <= 23:

for i in range(height):
# print spaces
for space in range(height - i):
    print(" ", end="")
    space += 1

# print hashes
for hashes in range(i + 1):
    print("#", end="")
    hashes += 1

# print new line

It's and, not or. You want to break out if both conditions apply.

  • Ugh! Thanks so much.
    – Lindsey
    Oct 30 '17 at 18:30

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