int main(void) { string s = get_string(); if ((s[0] >= 'A' && s[0] <= 'Z') || (s[0] >= 'a' && s[0] <= 'z')) printf("%c", toupper(s[0])); //print first letter in uppercase printf("%c", toupper(s[0])); for (int i = 0, n = strlen(s); i < n; i++) while (s[i] == ' ' || s[i] == '\0') { i++; if (s[i] != ' ') printf("%c", toupper(s[i])); } printf("\n"); }

check50 shows error:

“:( Outputs HJ for hailey James
:( Outputs HJ for hailey James”

What problem I have? Help me, please)

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I'm thinking that you can't see what's wrong because you're not aware of exactly what is being tested, but once you know the test, I think you'll quickly resolve the problem.

What happens when one or more spaces are at the end of the string, as in "hailey James "?

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