I started the cs50x online course a few days ago and I've just finished my Scratch program for pset0. I'd like to submit it, however I can't find pset0 in the submission interface on http://apps.cs50.edx.org/cs50x/2014/@/submit (only psets1 to 8 are available).

Am I really too late? Is there any way I can still submit my answer?

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Yes, you can. The final deadline is 31 Dec 2014.

pset0 isn't submitted through the submit page. The instructions are listed at the end of the pset.

How to Submit

To submit this problem set, head to the URL below.


You’ll find that a few questions await. Be extra-sure that your answers are correct, particularly your email address(es) and your project’s URL, else we may overlook your submission! And be sure to click Submit on the last page of that form in order to submit this, your first CS50 problem set!

This was Problem Set 0.

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