My code for pset3 "fifteen" works perfectly when I play it—board sizes fit, goes in descending order, blank space prints as a 0 etc. etc. but for some reason, it won't pass any check50 checks past "fifteen.c compiles."

The first error is this: :( 3x3 board: init initializes board correctly did not find "8-7-6|5-4-3|2-1..."

Log running ./fifteen 3... checking for output "8-7-6|5-4-3|2-1-0 "...

Here is a link to my full code: https://gist.github.com/ixxheartxxcandy/276619a273df721017c949b1e9016994

I guess I'm just completely lost as to why the board will work when I run it, but check50 rejects it entirely...

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Per the spec:

Also note that check50 assumes that you’re indexing into board a la board[row][column], not board[column][row].

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