So after struggling with crack.c for some time I thought I finally found a method that worked. To my dismay however, it cracks every password (as listed on [the problem specification][1]) except for one: Stelios' with a hash of 51u8F0dkeDSbY. It runs for about sixty minutes, than returns failed. All the other passwords got solved in under seven minutes. Any thoughts?

// Declares value of salt, function for checking, characters used and an array/string that contains (up to) five characters
string salt = "50";

[removed code]

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You've hard-coded the salt value. Does stelio's password (51u8F0dkeDSbY) have that salt value?

  • Holy wow I got so caught up in the algorithm that I forgot to look at the hashes themselves. Must be the lack of sleep. I love you!
    – user20879
    Commented Jan 16, 2018 at 2:23

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