No idea why but check50 says the output is wrong even though it seems the same, you can see it here.

enter image description here

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Citing https://docs.cs50.net/2018/x/psets/1/mario/more/mario.html

  • To make things more interesting, first prompt the user for the half-pyramids' heights, a non-negative integer no greater than 23. (The height of the half-pyramids pictured above happens to be 4, the width of each half-pyramid 4, with an a gap of size 2 separating them.)

BTW, you should totally look into the possibilities of the Python * operator. "yada" * 3 evaluates to "yadayadayada". Similar functionality on lists. You can use that to avoid all the inner loops. This is possible only because strings are a value in Python rather than a pointer to the first character as in C.

  • Thanks, that was it. I'll make sure to try using *.
    – Freonzx
    Commented Feb 28, 2018 at 7:46

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