I tested and compiled my code and it is working well as per the requirements. However, it does not pass the requirements in check50. For instance, check50 claims that my code doesn't handle duplicate sentences in common(Log Running sentences on inputs 'This is one. This is two. This is three. This is two. This is one.' and 'This is three. This is two. This is four. This is five.'... ) But when I ran the inputs through my code, it did handle the duplicate sentences and returned 'This is two. This is three.'

I would appreciate it if someone could point to me where is it that I'm wrong. Thank you.

My code for helpers.py is as follows:

[code hidden]

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return [] This returns an empty list. So all of your functions are returning empty.

Be sure you return a list of the strings; don't print them.

  • Ahh I get it now. Thank you for your help :)
    – Prav Elan
    Commented Mar 9, 2018 at 11:35

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