I stumbled on windowing in the more_itertools library which appealed to me as an interesting alternative approach to the substrings functions if I could get it to work:

Windowing More Itertools

I did from more_itertools import windowedto import it, but get ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'more_itertools':

enter image description here

So I checked "Getting Started" for more_itertools, but was scared away by the warning on installing pip could leave your system in an inconsistent state:

Getting Started More Itertools

Installing pip

Is it ok to go ahead and do this? I love my IDE and don't want to break it, and I can write the function using s[i:j] notation, but windowing looked intriguing and I could learn something by giving it a go. My thanks in advance for any help.


You might consider cloning your workspace in CS50 IDE > Dashboard. Then experiment in the clone to learn whether it will "break" your IDE.

Since backup is hardly ever a bad idea, you can backup your workspace to your local computer with File -> Download Workspace.

  • Great idea! I back up the project from time to time (not enough) and can make an image of my machine, but really didn't know how the workspace factored in. Didn't know you could clone it, but didn't expect the warning. Really the appreciate the help.
    – Lindsey
    Mar 27 '18 at 4:41

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