I can utilize most of the pages I have created when I register as a new user. However, when I try to log in as a user that I know is in the database I get apology returned. I'm not sure why I keep getting it, but I'm sure it's minor and I'm just missing it or I am not understanding how the password hash works.

I'm guessing it's the way I store my hash, but I am not sure of another way to do so! :|

{Code removed}


All the users you have added have password "password". The problem is here hash = generate_password_hash("password"). It is hashing the string literal "password", not the value of "password" in request.form.

  • Thank you! I had used some code from a forum and I misunderstood what they had given as the solution...lol Mar 27 '18 at 19:14

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