CS50 update stops updating when it reaches the following:

Unpacking ide50 (134) over (134) ... Setting up ide50 (134) ... Resetting permissions ... Removing user ubuntu from group www-data Setting up MySQL ... ~/workspace/ $

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do to remedy this?

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If it comes back to a prompt (as yours appears to be doing), it finished successfully. If not, and you have to break out of it to do anything, then something is amiss.

Updating MYSQL is the final step, but there's no end message. A request has been made to add an "Update Complete" message to the script.

If it isn't coming back to a prompt, then there are ways to remedy it. One drastic method is to delete the workspace and create a new one. Be sure to select the cs50 template when you do.

Also, very important: be sure to back up all your work and files before deleting the workspace so that you can put them back later.

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[EDIT: newinfo]

Or, it seems there really was a bug in update50, which will be fixed shortly. (4/10/18)

  • Thanks very much Cliff B for the response! I deleted the workspace and created a new one just to be sure that it would come back to prompt which it did. I was following the CS50 Youtube videos on setting IDE up so expected to see an update success message.
    – szewah
    Apr 10, 2018 at 13:49

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