I've been puttering around with speller for a couple of weeks now. It now works, returns the correct spelled words and decently quickly, but it doesn't like the code for load.

Here, Valgrind gives an error: ==4197== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)

Help50 states:

Looks like you're trying to use a variable that might not have a value? Take a closer look at line 107 of dictionary.c.

Here's the line:

 if (pointer->children[index] == NULL) //here's what valgrind doesn't like
            pointer->children[index] = malloc(sizeof(node));
            pointer = pointer->children[index];
            pointer = pointer->children[index];
pointer->is_word = true;

Any pointers?


This pointer->children[index] is uninitalized because it's never been set to anything. From man malloc:

The malloc() function allocates size bytes and returns a pointer to the allocated memory. The memory is not initialized.

When you declare pointer, you could use calloc instead (see the same man page); that initializes the memory. Or you could iterate through the children array and set each index to NULL.

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