So, I've been working on PSET5, "speller". However, when I submit information to check50, under the "apostrophe" header, it does not attempt to grade me on my apostrophe usage. It appears as if I am being graded on my case-insensitivity. Check out this screenshot:

enter image description here

Perhaps you could dismiss this as simply some of the headers being UNDER the blocks they describe, but I don't think that this is the case. I made one simply modification to my program: say "checking: [word being tested]". Then, print out any misspelled words again, as normal. Not only do I handle all my local tests of apostrophe's correctly, I can handle Check50's as well, like so:

enter image description here

Boom, it prints "foo's" as being misspelled (under the "checking" line), just like it should. Also, my program does appear to handle capitalization just fine and I suspect substrings as well.

If you notice the apostrophe test does NOT expect the same result between different executions of check50!

I'd appreciate any help on this matter. For the record, you can find these results pages here and here. Because I may have a full working solution, I'm not sure I should post my code in check.


There is something wrong with your code. In the first screen shot, the issue is that the code didn't reject anything when it should have.

In all the later examples, check50 will fail all tests because of the extra printf statements.

Without seeing code to test, there's no way to determine the cause of the problem. Did you thoroughly test with your own dictionaries before running with check50?

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  • I don't understand... why is there a list of capital and lowercase words with no apostrophes under the "apostrophe" section of the first screenshot, where there IS an apostrophe under the next screenshot? Also noticing during the apostrophe test, there is only one word in the text... at least when it has an apostrophe – user1833028 May 14 '18 at 21:51
  • check50 runs multiple checks depending on which condition and program it is checking. In this case, your first screenshot is failing one of the latter tests for apostrophes while all the others are failing the first test. – Cliff B May 14 '18 at 22:06

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