getting error message from CS50 ide 'You seem to have an error in hello.c on line 6. By "implicit declaration of function 'getstring'", clang means that it doesn't recognize getstring. Did you forget to #include the header file in which getstring is declared atop your file? Did you forget to declare a prototype for getstring atop hello.c? - I have tried update50 and also made sure I am using version of IDE with the cs50 menu on the top left hand side. Any dice?

code i am using is as follows

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Instead of getstring, it should be get_string.


Just a little typo. You may review the lecture notes to see what the correct function name is. (Hint: there is a _ (underscore) in the function name).

  • thank you so much ... i can't believe i missed that! Commented May 23, 2018 at 22:58

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