When I tested the crypt function, it returned different hashes than the ones listed in CS50's pset2, given the same salt and key:

char* testhash = crypt("rob", "50");
printf("hash for rob: %s\n", testhash);

testhash = crypt("brian", "50");
printf("hash for brian: %s\n", testhash);

return 0;

I got "50upJLRWneuTY" while CS50's hash for "rob" is "50JGnXUgaafgc", and "5044HIvTVFToI" while the hash for "brian" is "50mjprEcqC/ts". Why is this happening? Any inputs would be greatly appreciated :)

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Maybe you are confusing two things. Those words on the left ("rob", "brian") are user names. The hashes are hashes of the associated passwords. That's a format you might find in the /etc/passwd file of a Linux system. I think there's a bit more on that in the problem's page, but if you're new you might still miss that bit.

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