I'm trying to download the Pset4 distribution using the following command in my CS50 IDE terminal. enter image description here

and I get the following response:

... ... Connecting to codeload.github.com (codeload.github.com)||:443... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found 2018-07-01 21:42:14 ERROR 404: Not Found.

I should also mention I'm in the following directory:



Are you taking the online CS50X class, the actual Harvard campus class, or something else? Where did you get the instruction for the download? Is it the current year's class?

For the CS50X online class, try this:

wget http://cdn.cs50.net/2017/fall/psets/4/whodunit.zip

Other classes may be different, I don't know for sure. You'd have to contact the staff for those specific classes for a definitive answer.

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