The CS50 online grading system only checks correctness and style, So I have no idea whether my code has good design or not. I want my design to be reviewed so I can make sure it's not bad or silly.

shoud I put my code here or in the codereview section of stackexchange? and also is it better to create a github gist and put the link here or just put it here as preformatted text?

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The grading system of cs50x course checks whether your code is correct,properly indented, stylized in a way that it implements every loop,data structure,condition as per the syntax so, what you are asking is may be run time or space complexity or stuff that cs50 algos dont have to cover because there are almost n number of ways to implement to single pset of that course.So, if a you wanna implement it in the best possible way with regard to the parameters above then, that's something that requires peer review and possibly that is another task for every pset so, you may go for code review on stack exchange. CS50X doesn't incorporate any peer reviews because there are almost hundreds of thousands of people enrolled in that course and make them do peer review of one another is way not easy. So far as code reviews are considered, I think that using git hub gist is the best option as all your psets will be organized there and easy to access rather than copy and paste your code.

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