1.the "download to computer" (in file menu) of scratch does not do anything when I click on it...

2.so I just went to the file option in the safari menu bar and clicked on save as

3.then I get a box and in the export text field I change Karma All The Way on Scratch.webarchive to Karma All The Way on Scratch.sb2

4.save to desktop

5.and then follow the steps given in the submission steps on the pset0 page

6.when I go cs50.me -> check50 it shows me : :( project exists and is valid Scratch program Invalid .sb2 file. Log running unzip 'Karma All The Way on Scratch.sb2'...

can someone please help me with this issue? I've been stuck on this for way too long . thanks in advance.

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Safari's "save as" won't work, that's for sure, it saves the current website, and has no idea what a scratch project is, as it doesn't interpret it itself.

I've never worked with Safari (it's no longer available on non-Apple devices, and the worst browser to develop for if you consider Internet Explorer, the actually worst browser around, abandonware).

But I could find something on the internet: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/279243/?page=1#post-2864845

When selecting whether or not to allow Flash Player to run for the website, you need to hold down the option key. This allows turning off “safe mode” which was preventing the load and save dialogs from appearing.

As I said before, I cannot test this, but hope it helps :)

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