On the following course on edx: CS50's Mobile App Development with React Native CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript I have been trying to submit the project work but it is "Coming Soon!" also on the courses Progress tab there is only "Coming Soon!" as oppose to other course on edx. Sent a mail to edx team but they directed to to CS50x discussion platform.

Please I want to know how to submit project and how/where/when the progress will be shown.

  • I have the same issue here I finished project 1& 2 and don't know how to submit Commented Aug 25, 2018 at 1:42

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Perhaps the discord community of cs50 will answer this question better and you may join this discussion forum through the link on edx page for discussions and just ask your question on discord cs50 server for cs5- mobile. If this helps please put a check mark and lets keep up the forum maintenance!

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