I'm on Mario, pset 1. I kept getting "undefined reference to `get_int'" so I did upgrade50, and every time it shows this error at the end: enter image description here

"An error occured restarting this workspace: Failed to retrieve resource from https://api.c9.io/projects/6291552/rsetart with code 0" it shows an ok button, but the whole messages flashes up for like 2 seconds and then everything refreshes automatically. Any help gratefully accepted!

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Welcome to the CS50 StackExchange! We hope you have a great stay, and don't be afraid to contribute by asking questions or helping when you can, all efforts are highly appreciated!

With regards to your problem, I believe that this is an error that is out of your control, it is possible that the workspace has somehow managed to crash itself, causing this error. No worries though, this can be forwarded to the staff to let them take care of it! The people working at the IDE can be contacted through this e-mail address: [email protected]

Goodluck and happy coding! :)


Try signing in cs50.io again or clearing last hour cookie data and then running update50. If still this error appears then, you may reach out to cs50 ide team on discord channel of cs50 the link for which is there on the discussions page of your edx dashboard.If this helps,put a check mark on the answer keeping up on forum maintenance!

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