I upgraded to verified certificate on 08/18/2018 after completing the CS50 course, but I cannot find the "View certificate" button on Dashboard to download it. I have been waiting for it for nearly a month. I emailed certificates@cs50.harvard.edu with my EdX's username, my real name, and my github's username but there is no response so far. Can I know how to contact CS50 team to get my certificate? Thank you!


I believe this is your first time here at the CS50 StackExchange, in that case, welcome to the community! We hope you have a great time here, don't be afraid to ask questions or help someone out when you can, we're always here for each other!

For your answer, I believe edX has been facing some technical issues recently. As a result, the certificates for August have been delayed. They usually are processed at the beginning of every month, but you should face a bit more delay this time. No worries though, the certificates should come in due time.

Happy coding! :)

  • I received my certificate today. Thank you very much for your help! Appreciate it!
    – TeePlanet
    Sep 18 '18 at 5:30

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