I am working on Project 1 for CS50W on EdX. I am building the book search Flask app. My problem is with building the SQL SELECT statement utilizing the WHERE clause depending on the search fields.

I tried checking whether text field in form is empty, but regardless of the input Python doesn't consider the field empty.

title = request.form.get("title")

if title is None:
    result = "Empty"
    result = "Not Empty"

Whether I input a value into title, the result I get is always "Not Empty". Is there another way to check whether the user typed anything in?


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If the user doesn't type anything in, title will be an empty string (ie ""), not None. The empty string is "falsy" so you can use if not title.

  • Thank you. I was able to get around this issue by using len(title) > 0 Sep 15 '18 at 11:20

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