I've been having some trouble with the appliance lately – it won't connect to the Internet. In fact, it even says there is no IP address.

I have deleted it and installed it a couple times but nothing ever changes! On Facebook, they told me to reach out to someone who could fix this thing via TeamViewer, but whom should I contact to help me out?

How does it work? Is there an email or something?


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The Instructions for TeamViewer vary depending on your OS, but basically are:

  • Download it (careful not to download "beta version")
  • Install it (select "personal use" and "no remote access to the computer you are installing TeamViewer on")
  • Run it
  • Beneath "Allow Remote Control" should be Your ID and Password. Provide CS50 staff with that ID and password (as via email, IM, or a private post to Help CS50).

Try typing this command into your terminal in the appliance:

sudo service network restart

  • I tried that and it failed.. this is what came up: Job for network.servicefailed. See 'system ctl status network.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details [FAILED]
    – Sara
    Sep 28, 2014 at 14:38

The only solution I've seen that might help is listed under missing-network-adapter problems... Missing network adapter

Please see if this helps and up vote if so. Thank you and good luck.


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