pls help me come out.i am totally confused on how to begin caesar cipher.i understand the second part where we make use of arrays and for loops but the earlier i'm totally lost.some help bring more light.


Essentially, argv[] is an array of size argc that tells you the parameters your code was called with. For instance, look at the make function you've been using - it takes one parameter, the name of the file you want to compile. So inside make, it uses argv[1] to get the name of the file.

Note that like the pset says, argv[0] is always the name of the program itself. So you get the first parameter with argv[1], the second with argv[2], ect.

If you need further explanation, I would suggest the three walkthroughs David did. Here's the YouTube link to the first one. Or you can go to CS50.tv and see argv0, argv1, and argv2 in the walkthrough tab (with videos, code, ect.).


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