I have finished my final project and am working on hosting my website. Do I have to set up everything within the CS50 Appliance or may I create the website using my native Mac environment?

All the final project files are saved in vhosts within my appliance and are therefore not accessible within my Mac. I'm not sure how to transfer them to my Mac documents but I think I might be able to use Dropbox.

Also, I used the pset7 distro code. Would I have to change the information within my project files that specifically refers to things inside the virtual host to make my files work outside of the Appliance?

I am using a protocol called FTP to transfer my files, but for that I have to download a program called FileZilla. Should I download and work with it in my Mac or inside the CS50 Appliance?

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There are many FTP programs for Mac (FileZilla is good) that would work for you. I don't think you need to do everything from within the appliance as long as you have your dropbox files synced to your Mac and can access them.

You will likely need to modify some of your settings to get it to work properly on your Mac as a hosted site. Alternatively, you could set up a GoDaddy or other website for a small fee and host it there.

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